A New PTA Term Starts Today

See July 1, 2023 newsletter

A New PTA Term Starts Today

We’re excited for the year ahead


Dear 2022-23 PTA Leaders,

Your dedication and commitment has made a positive impact on your community, and you have inspired others to follow in your footsteps. You have supported your school and community with countless hours of service and resources. Your passion and perseverance have positioned your PTA to do even more in future terms.

On behalf of Peralta District PTA, we would like to express our gratitude for your selfless service and accomplishments.

Thank you for being a part of our PTA family and making it stronger. We hope you continue to be actively engaged in your PTA and community.

Ujjwala Gadgil

Peralta District PTA

2021-23 President

Vinita Verma

Peralta District PTA

2023-25 President


Help ensure all newly elected 2023-24 officers’ contact information is in myPTEZ. A paid subscription is NOT required to do this.

The window for outgoing unit presidents to enter officer/board member contact info was May 15th thru June 1st. After June 1st, any units lacking contact information are considered by California State PTA to be Not in Good Standing. That could make your unit be subject to withdrawal of the PTA charter and dissolution of the PTA — and we don’t want that to happen!! 

Not sure if your current board is in myPTEZ?

Check this list of contacts in myPTEZ as of June 30th. We want to see all board members, chairs, and your current school principal’s contact info – at least, email addresses.

Missing contact info and not sure how to remedy it?

Current presidents, reach out to your outgoing president first. If no one from your unit can access your account, a PTA president above your level can help. In the meantime, please share this newsletter with your other board members. We want all PTA leaders in Alameda County have the information they need to succeed.

If this was forwarded to you, click SUBSCRIBE to receive future newsletters – you won’t be automatically entered into myPTEZ but it’s a start to being kept in our loop!


If your PTA has not elected 2023-24 officers and is having difficulty, please contact the Peralta District PTA president to let us know your status and allow us to help. 


President Vinita Verma

Past President Ujjwala Gadgil

Secretary Myesha Mebane

Treasurer Kristin Hergert

1st VP, Leadership Linda Dewlaney

2nd VP, Programs/Events Isabella Ellgas

3rd VP, Membership Ujjwala Gadgil

4th VP, Communications Maritess Simmons

Auditor Kristin Loo

Historian open position

Parliamentarian open position

Reflections Michelle Hertel

Website open position

Are you looking to make an impact at the Alameda County level? Peralta District PTA still has several positions open. If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch with Peralta District PTA President Vinita Verma at president@pdpta.org


Scammers have been known to prey on unsuspecting new PTA leaders around this time of year. One example is that they present themselves as legitimate contacts who text or email you to buy gift cards. Or, they may try to get you to click on a link or divulge financial information. Please don’t fall for it. Contact your person another way thru some back channel – call them, text them, or email them, and alert them to the situation.

We can’t completely stop these things from happening, but please read on for ways to protect yourself, your accounts, and your contacts. 

Read more…


If your time as a PTA Leader in Alameda County has come to an end and you no longer want to receive news from us, you may remove yourself from the mailing list.


Scroll to the bottom of this e-mail and click on Unsubscribe to remove your e-mail addresses from the list.

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