The window to apply for a myPTEZ or Program grant is now open!

The deadline to submit a grant application along with the required documentation is extended to November 15th for this grant cycle. 

If you received any grant last year, remember to send a grant report to to be eligible for a grant this year. We want to hear about all the wonderful ways you put your grants to use – include a photo if you can.

myPTEZ Grants

These grants are offered to help units get started with myPTEZ accounting software, which includes functions designed for PTAs.
Click here to learn more and apply for a Peralta myPTEZ Grant

Program Grants

While funding is not always needed to implement programs, it can be used as support in running programs or making programs more accessible to everyone (e.g., helping your PTA cover food, translators, etc.). This funding is meant to help you reach your PTA’s goals in your school community. Sample programs include Reflections, Founders Day, community-building events, parent/guardian education, outreach, and volunteer recruitment. The program must be sponsored by your PTA.
Click here to learn more and to apply for a Peralta Program Grant

Convention Grants

Peralta is offering grants to units in need of financial assistance to send their leaders to the convention. Priority will be given to units with higher financial need.

The window to apply is currently closed.

Post-Approval Process for Grant Recipients

  1. Grantee PTA will need to include the grant amount in their budget, inform their association, and publicize among their community about the grant being made possible by Peralta District PTA
  2. Grant funds must be expended for the purposes stated on the original grant application, within the term the grant is awarded
  3. Any funds not used for the purposes stated on the original grant application must be returned to Peralta District PTA within the term the grant is awarded
  4. By June 1, a report detailing the expenditure of grant funds and the outcomes must be submitted to Peralta District PTA by email to

Questions? Please contact