The financial health of your PTA is crucial to the success of speaking up for all children & families.
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Working Thru Channels
In-Council Units (ie units in Alameda, Berkeley, Fremont, or Pleasanton), please first seek PTA finance-related support from your respective Council before requesting support at the District or State level.
Likewise, Councils and Out-of-Council Units should seek PTA finance-related support from Peralta District PTA before requesting support at the State level.

Membership PER CAPS

Per Caps are membership dues forwarded on a regular basis by units to their Council / District / State / National PTA. Each unit has a different amount for membership dues, as does each council, district and state.

For In-Council Units ( Alameda, Berkeley, Fremont, Pleasanton), your District / State / National dues are $4.75 per member plus an additional dues amount remitted to your council. Your council will have its own remittance form with which to remit dues, and other payments. Make checks payable to your council and follow your council’s guidance on when and how to submit.

Out-of-Council Units and Councils remit $4.75 per member to Peralta and mail them using the appropriate REMIT FORM on this page. Council Treasurers, use a council-specific remit form. Make checks payable to Peralta District PTA – detailed instructions are on the Remit Forms.



All units, regardless of whether or not they are paid myPTEZ subscribers, are to upload copies of the following reports (scanned hard copy or pdf) to myPTEZ:

Click here for tutorial on uploading do myPTEZ

If you need your initial myPTEZ login, email Peralta District Treasurer Leslie Keirns at treasurer.pdpta(at)

What is myPTEZ?


ALL PTAs MUST FILE TAX RETURNS. This is part of your duty as an IRS Tax Exempt Organization.

District and Council PTAs are not allowed to instruct units on how to file taxes. Remember to upload copies of your tax returns (IRS and FTB) and RRF-1Forms to myPTEZ after you file.

Click here for the CAPTA Tax Filing Center for help with filing taxes.


The budget is a financial representation of the goals, activities and operations a PTA expects to conduct during a specified time period. The budget estimates income and expenses for the year and must be presented to the association for approval and recorded in the association minutes. Click here for more on Budgets


Financial Reports are to be presented at every Association Meeting and at every Executive Board Meeting. Therefore, they are created in two distinct sets – one covering the periods from association meeting to association meeting, and the other covering the period from executive board meeting to the next executive board meeting. The end date for the reports should be just before the date of the meeting so that the information is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Click below for sections in the Toolkit pertaining the Financial Reports

Treasurer’s Report
Financial Secretary’s Report

Budget Report – It is recommended that the treasurer provide the executive board with a budget-to-actual comparison report at least quarterly